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We’ve Got A New Blog!


Hi Everybody!

I haven’t been posting for a while because I’ve been busy creating new dolls and a new blog with my daughter!  So from now on, we will both be using the same blog, and will not be posting anything more on our wordpress blogs.  So please check out our new blog, but give us a week or so to get our new creations posted.  Thanks!


Jack Skellington Santa Claus???!!!


Hey, my daughter is simply amazing at coming up with these new patterns!  She LOVES Jack Skellington, from The Nightmare Before Christmas!  So, last year she designed her own pattern and made several dolls using it.  This year she put a new twist on it and made Jack Skellington as Santa Claus!  Now, if you’re not familiar with the movie, I’ll just say that this was a dream of Jack’s.  So my daughter decided to create this character with her crochet hook and her brilliant mind!  Here’s the 2011 Jack Skellington Santa Claus Doll. 

Jack Skellington as Santa Claus


As you can see, Jack is showing off his new book, the twelve days of Christmas in this photo.  Jack will be for sale at the Craftivus Holiday Boutique (see Events for details) today and tomorrow.  If you haven’t gone yet, don’t delay!  Jack is one-of-a-kind and is bound to go quickly!  Check out to see more of my daughters creations. 



Our Thanksgiving Day Feast


Hi everybody!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn’t overindulge in the turkey and pumpkin pie! 

Our Thanksgiving guest list included myself, my husband, son, and daughter, my daughter’s boyfriend, his mother, father, and brother!  I bought a folding banquet table and a cinnamon colored tablecloth for the occasion.  Then I realized that my everyday dishes would clash horribly with all of that!  So, what to do?  I couldn’t go out and buy  a new set of dishes, and paper plates were out of the question! 

Then, I remembered, down in our basement there was a box of dishes that I had inherited from my parents.  I hadn’t seen them or used them since 1987!  But, I thought, let’s take a look and see.  So I got my husband to carry the box up the stairs and I unpacked the dishes and washed them up.  They were stunning!  They were my parents wedding china, purchased by my mother’s mother  in 1945 for that special occasion.  I don’t think they’ve even been used a half dozen times in all these years, and they are 66 years old now!  They were made in Sebring, Ohio, at the Sebring China factory.  They are the Yellow Daisy pattern.  The edges of all the dishes are scalloped and trimmmed with 22 Karat Gold.  Here’s a photo of them. 

My Parent's Wedding China, circa 1945 They are so pretty, but rather delicate, so every piece was hand washed by me. There are 8 place settings, with 7 pieces per setting. Plus there's a gravy boat, creamer and pitcher, salt and pepper shakers, two serving bowls, and a platter, plus one extra coffee cup. That's 73 pieces! That's a lot of dishes to wash! But, I think they really made our Thanksgiving special, and they made me feel close to my parents, who are both deceased. Here's a picture of our little feast. We set the table up in our living room, because that's where we had the most room to move.


Our Thanksgiving Feast, November 24, 2011

I hope your Thanksgiving was as special as ours was.  I also hope that you enjoy all the days leading up to our next holiday. 

St. Agatha Bazaar Photos


  Well, the St. Agatha Bazaar was a great success.  I feel extremely lucky to be able to participate in it every year.   In fact, this was the twelfth year that my daughter and I have been involved.  Every year we have a great time, and every year we meet a bunch of new people.  I think that’s why I like to do it so much. 

   The Bazaar started at 9am on Saturday morning.  This is what our table looked like at that time.  I think it took me a couple of hours to unload everything and get it set up the way I liked it.  Here’s a photo of me and my daughter on Sunday.