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Feya and Galina win a First Premium Blue Ribbon!


That’s right!  You heard it here first!  Feya Balabina and Galina Ulanova won a First Premium Blue Ribbon at the Multnomah County Fair over the Memorial Day weekend!  I entered the pair of them in the crochet/original design category.  In addition to my blue ribbon, I also won a small amount of cash.  But really, I just did it for fun.  I really enjoyed looking at all the other entries as well.  Now I know what kind of talent I’m up against and will probably prepare an entry for next year.  I might even enter something in the Oregon State Fair.  Since it’s not until the end of August I have a while to think about it. 

Anyway, here is their photo as they appeared on display at the Multnomah County Fair.  If you look very closely you can see my reflection in the display case as I’m taking their photo.

Feya and Galina at the Fair

 It seems as thought they’re having a little trouble standing up, but I think they were just not put back in their stands properly. Here are the two prize winners at home showing off their ribbon!  I am so proud of them.  You can see they really like each other as well.  

Feya and Galina with their blue ribbon

My daughter Assunta also won a prize at the fair, but I would be spoiling it for her if I gave you any more details.  To see her entry and her prize go to her blog


Feya and Galina go to the Multnomah County Fair!!!!!


Feya Balabina and Galina Ulanova have been entered in the Needlecraft Department in the exhibit hall at the Multnomah County Fair this year!  My daughter, Assunta, has also entered her wonderful Jack Skellington and Sally dolls, from the Nightmare Before Christmas!  You just have to see them to believe them.   

The fair is at Oaks Park in the beautiful neighborhood of Sellwood, in Portland, Oregon.  It starts tomorrow, Saturday, May 26th and runs through May 28th.  The hours are from 12-7pm all three days.  The fair admission and parking are all free.  So go down and enjoy the fair and take in all the exhibits.   Don’t forget to vote for your favorite item while you’re looking at the exhibits!

!!Craftivus Is Next Friday And Saturday!!


     Stacked Presents  If you don’t enjoy Black Friday, and you’d rather buy things that are hand made and unique,this is a reminder that Craftivus is next Friday and Saturday.  I will be working there on Friday, from 9:30-12:30, and on Saturday, from 12:30-3:30.  So please come by to see me and all of the great things we will be selling.  This will be our groups third show together.  It’s so exciting to work with such artistic and talented people.  I always learn something new from them!

After you’ve checked out our sale, check out  Duniway Elementary School’s Holiday Home Tour, and the boutique that’s held in the school gymnasium from 10-7:30.  The kids always have a wonderful bake sale going on there too!  Duniway’s event is a one-day thing, so make sure to go on Friday.  The address is 7700 SE Reed College Place, Portland, Oregon

Last, but certainly not least, there’s  Snowflakes in Sellwood Holiday Bazaar. It’s being held at the Sellwood Community Center.  The hours are 9-4 on Friday, 10-3 on Saturday. There are over 60 vendors there.  The address is 1436 SE Spokane Street, in Portland, Oregon.  I plan on visiting them myself after I get off of my shift, and after I check out Duniway’s boutique. 

              String Of Lights  String Of Lights  String Of Lights  String Of Lights  String Of Lights         




Hi Again!

Just a couple more weeks until the next craft event that All Dolled Up will be involved in.  It’s called Craftivus.  A bunch of us crafters got together last December for our first ever craft show.  We called it Festivus, after the Seinfeld program’s Festivus.  But we have now changed the name to Craftivus, because it represents us better, and is a little more original.  Anyway, Craftivus will soon be upon us, and I hope that all of you will come and also will help us spread the word.  Thanks again for all your support!


Here's our flyer with all the pertinent details

Only One More Week Until The Bazaar!


 Mistletoe 1 Hi Everybody!  There’s only one more week until the St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar!  Please take some time from your busy life and come to see our display.  We will be there on Saturday, November 5th, from 9am until 4pm, and on Sunday, November 6th, from 9am until 1pm.  In addition to lots of arts and crafts, there is an amazing table full of home baked goods, and the cafe has some wonderful food choices all homemade by St. Agatha chefs.  Believe me, if you come, you will find something you like.  St. Agatha also has a Thrifty Cottage room in the bazaar that has a lot of gently used items for sale.  All proceeds from that area go to supporting the church and St. Agatha School. 

The address is 7959 SE 15th Avenue, P0rtland, Oregon.         Gingerbread

Holiday Bazaar Only One Month Away!


St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar 2010

It’s true!  The St. Agatha Holiday Bazaar is only one month away!  I am so excited!  This will be the 12th year that my daughter and I have participated in this particular event.  It’s always a lot of fun.  I hope I will see a lot of you there. 

We have a lot of things for sale including crocheted dolls, dish cloths, pot holders, Greensleeves, quilted handbags, scissors holders, glasses cases, and much, much more.  There’s always a lot to see and some awfully good food to partake of as well. 

It all takes place on Saturday, November 5, from 9am until 4pm, and on Sunday, November 6, from 9am until 1pm.  It’s at the St. Agatha parish hall on the corner of SE 15th Avenue and SE Miller Street, in Portland, Oregon.