Galina Ulanova


This doll is a representation of a famous Russian ballerina named Galina Ulanova.  

Galina’s bright blonde hair and rosy cheeks


       I had a lot of fun making this doll.  I love her because she has such bright hair.   She is very fond of lavender, so she has an outfit made from variegated lavender yarn, accented with tiny lavender rhinestones.  She even has purple earrings.  The accent in her hair has purple and pink rhinestones.  I am planning to enter her, along with my Feya Balabina doll in the Multnomah County Fair next weekend.  Wish me luck!

Galina Ulanova

  Here is some information on the real Galina Ulanova. Enjoy!  

Galina Sergeyevna Ulanova

 (born Jan. 8, 1910, St. Petersburg, Russiadied March 21, 1998, Moscow) Russian ballet dancer, the first prima ballerina assoluta of the Soviet Union. She trained with Agrippina Vaganova in Leningrad and in 1928 joined the Kirov Theatre (formerly Mariinsky Theatre) company, where she began to dance leading roles and to develop the unique lyrical, dramatic style that won her wide acclaim. In 1944 she moved to the Bolshoi Ballet, and during the 1950s she toured to great acclaim with the company in Europe and the U.S. She retired from dancing in 1962 but continued as ballet mistress and coach at the Bolshoi.

Galina Ulanova as Giselle

Having retired from the stage at the age of 50, she coached many generations of the Russian dancers. She died in 1998, aged 88, and is buried in the cemetery of the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow. 




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