Hello Kitty Cake


Hello Kitty Birthday Cake and candies

My daughter is turning 21 tomorrow!  She requested that I make her a Hello Kitty cake for her birthday.  But, she wanted a chocolate cake instead of a white one.  That makes frosting it difficult, but it came out alright.  The hardest parts were the ears.  I had to cut the cake into the proper shape, because, as you know, Hello Kitty’s head is not perfectly round.  Then I had to cut out ears and “glue” them to the other part of the cake using frosting.  Usually this works pretty well, but since it was such a warm day they kept trying to fall away from the rest of the cake. Maybe if I’d secured them with toothpicks it would’ve worked better.  At any rate, it turned out cute and was extremely edible evidenced by the fact that it no longer exists.  My daughter made cute little Hello Kitty candies to surround the cake with.  You can see photos and a detailed account of how she made them at peculiarcrochet.wordpress.com

Anyway, here’s my cake surrounded by her cute little candies.  Let me know what you think.



Mommy   Beating Heart 


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