Pogo Joins The Blog!


Okay, this doll is really cool, and even though he is part of my collection, he doesn’t really belong to me.  He belongs to my big sister.  He lives at my house with the rest of my doll collection though.  My sister is very generous to let me keep him for her.  He is a very special little guy, as you can see.  He was always a favorite of both of us. I believe my sister named him Pogo after a character in the Sunday comics. 


Pogo is not wearing his original clothing.  The clothing you see here is some that my mother had for us when we were babies.  I’m not sure if one or all of us five siblings got to wear this outfit, but I think it’s sweet that Mom kept it and passed it on to me for this little guy.  The only new thing Pogo’s wearing are his little booties, and even those are about 25 years old.

 This doll was made by the Ideal Toy Company in 1960 and is about 25″ long.  The only other dolls I’ve seen like this were in photographs, and they were outfitted in dresses.  I’ve never seen one dressed as a boy before.  I’m sure that was my sisters doing.  At any rate, the original clothing has disappeared, but the little blanket and the baby seat are original.  The seat’s straps were made out of plastic and have desintigrated over the past 50 odd years.  I still had the buckle, so I remade one of the straps out of some twill tape.   I think you’ll agree that Pogo is very fine example of a baby doll.  I’m proud to have him with the rest of my collection.  Today I cleaned him thoroughly and gave him a new cloth diaper!  He’s a happy guy! Mommy & Baby(me with Pogo)


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  1. He’s so cute, Kay! I love his expression. It makes him really unique. His nose and mouth,and even the way he’s holding his hands, are very baby-like. And his booties are pretty cute, too!

  2. Haven’t seen him for awhile, Baby! Actually, I remember very clearly the Christmas I got him and he was either dressed like a boy or in a sort of unisex way. He never had any distinctly girly clothes. Of course, Mom could have re-dressed him, knowing I’d like a boy doll better but I don’t think so. I don’t think he was under the tree in his original box, but in a toy bassinet — ready to play with.

    Sure wish I knew what happened to my Baby Ricky Ricardo Junior doll….

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