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Hello Kitty Cake


Hello Kitty Birthday Cake and candies

My daughter is turning 21 tomorrow!  She requested that I make her a Hello Kitty cake for her birthday.  But, she wanted a chocolate cake instead of a white one.  That makes frosting it difficult, but it came out alright.  The hardest parts were the ears.  I had to cut the cake into the proper shape, because, as you know, Hello Kitty’s head is not perfectly round.  Then I had to cut out ears and “glue” them to the other part of the cake using frosting.  Usually this works pretty well, but since it was such a warm day they kept trying to fall away from the rest of the cake. Maybe if I’d secured them with toothpicks it would’ve worked better.  At any rate, it turned out cute and was extremely edible evidenced by the fact that it no longer exists.  My daughter made cute little Hello Kitty candies to surround the cake with.  You can see photos and a detailed account of how she made them at

Anyway, here’s my cake surrounded by her cute little candies.  Let me know what you think.



Mommy   Beating Heart 


Ellen makes an appearance on my blog!


Oh, you thought I was talking about the other Ellen, Ellen Degeneres.   Sorry if I misled you.  Well, this Ellen isn’t quite as famous, but she is very special.  And, I think, very beautiful. 

Ellen is part of  the Barefoot Children series created by doll artist Annette Himstedt in the 1980’s.

 I believe that Ellen was one of three dolls in the first series.  I fell in love with this doll the first time I saw her, and even though she was very expensive, I knew I had to have her.  My husband actually made the last payment on her for me as a surprise Christmas present.  He knew how much I wanted her. 

Anyway, Mattel Corportation produced these dolls and they are very fine quality.  All of Ms. Himstedt’s dolls are amazing.  Ellen just happens to be my personal favorite.  Sometime, when you get a chance, look up Annette Himstedt on the internet and see some of her other creations.  I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. 

Mely Mel’s blog


You have to check out Mely Mel’s blog!  It’s so great.  She makes the most amazing miniatures!  I was told about this blog by another blogger, plushpussycat, so I checked it out.  I think her things are truly works of art.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.

 Chair 4         Bed   Mirror

Pogo Joins The Blog!


Okay, this doll is really cool, and even though he is part of my collection, he doesn’t really belong to me.  He belongs to my big sister.  He lives at my house with the rest of my doll collection though.  My sister is very generous to let me keep him for her.  He is a very special little guy, as you can see.  He was always a favorite of both of us. I believe my sister named him Pogo after a character in the Sunday comics. 


Pogo is not wearing his original clothing.  The clothing you see here is some that my mother had for us when we were babies.  I’m not sure if one or all of us five siblings got to wear this outfit, but I think it’s sweet that Mom kept it and passed it on to me for this little guy.  The only new thing Pogo’s wearing are his little booties, and even those are about 25 years old.

 This doll was made by the Ideal Toy Company in 1960 and is about 25″ long.  The only other dolls I’ve seen like this were in photographs, and they were outfitted in dresses.  I’ve never seen one dressed as a boy before.  I’m sure that was my sisters doing.  At any rate, the original clothing has disappeared, but the little blanket and the baby seat are original.  The seat’s straps were made out of plastic and have desintigrated over the past 50 odd years.  I still had the buckle, so I remade one of the straps out of some twill tape.   I think you’ll agree that Pogo is very fine example of a baby doll.  I’m proud to have him with the rest of my collection.  Today I cleaned him thoroughly and gave him a new cloth diaper!  He’s a happy guy! Mommy & Baby(me with Pogo)

Feya Balabina


This little ballerina doll is my latest creation.  She is a completely original doll  that I designed myself.  She was crocheted using worsted weight acrylic yarn and baby-weight acrylic yarn (for her tutu).  I also used some sparkly tulle sewn to the under side of  her skirt to give it that lift.  She has  rose trim around her neckline, and organdy ribbons on her ballet slippers. 


The little rhinestone tiara was purchased at Coco and Toulouse Go Shopping, a sweet little store in the Sellwood/Moreland businees district in Portland.


The doll is named for famous Ballerina Feya Balabina. 

Here’s a little bio about her.

Feya Balabina was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1910. She studied at the Leningrad Choreographic School (pupil of Maria Romanova and Agrippina Vaganova). She danced with the Kirov Ballet from 1931-56 and made her debut as Tao-Hoa in The Red Poppy. Among her other roles were Masha in The Nutcracker, Kitri in Don Quixote, title role in Esmeralda, Odette-Odile in Swan Lake, Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, Zarema in The Fountain of Bakhchisarai, title role in Cinderella, the Tsar-Maiden in The Humpbacked Horse, Nikiya and Gamzatti in La Bayadere, Lise in La Fille mal Gardée, Gulnare in Le Corsaire, Jeanne in Flames of Paris, Paskuala in Laurencia and Nuné in Gayané.

Feya Balabina taught at the Vaganova School from 1953-73 and was a repetiteur with the Kirov Ballet from 1953-64.  

I hope you like my little ballerina doll.  I am writing the pattern so that I may share it with all of you doll fanciers.  I will publish it along with my other original doll pattern later on this spring.