Monthly Archives: March 2012

Meet Sunny!


 Sun 2 Sunny is a doll that I modeled after my sweet, gorgeous daughter!  Sunny is a nickname that one of our family friends gave her when she was a baby, but it never really stuck.  It should’ve though, because she IS the sunshine in my life! 

Anyway, a loooooooong time ago, when she was receiving her First Communion, I made her a white dress, with a little short jacket, and a little crown of flowers.   This little doll, while not an exact replica, is reminiscent of her on that particular day.  She looked more like an angel than anything else. 

"Sunny" in her First Communion dress


Here’s a close-up picture of “Sunny’s” face.  Notice the flowered headband.  It matches the bouquet she’s holding. 


I’m having so much fun designing making my own little dolls!  I have decided next to try making a ballerina doll.  I think she will be much bigger and taller than Sunny and Danielle. I am planning to go back to using yarn for hair, just because it is so much easier to work with, to style, and it comes in such a variety of colors. 

Eventually, I will put these patterns on my blog too, so that if you are inclined you can make your own little dolls!  Black Cat 2