Meet Empress Lynn Mary, Ruler Of The Galaxy


This is Empress Lynn Mary, Ruler Of The Galaxy.  Note the lovely blonde locks, and the sparkling tiara.  Our little Empress deserves nothing less than the finest.  Not only is she powerful, but she is kind and generous.  She currently resides with her namesake up in Washington State.  She was a Christmas gift that I created especially for my older sister.  There is no other like her, she’s one of a kind.  That goes for the Empress as well.

Empress Lynn Mary, Ruler Of The Galaxy


The Empress wears a lovely empire waist, sparkling white dress, with silver trim.  Her royal robes are a deep, sparkling, royal blue with sparkling white trim.  She certainly is the brightest star in our galaxy!

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  1. It’s a pleasure having the Ruler of the Universe sitting there on my shelf, looking gorgeous and benign. I am very flattered to have such a likeness, and grateful for the lovely gift!

    There seems to be no end to your artistic skill and imagination. It is always a treat for me waiting to see what you’ll think of next.

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