Baby Doll with Crocheted Clothes


 This is a baby doll that my mother purchased and then made the clothes for.  I don’t really know how old I was at the time, maybe three or four years old.  She made a boy doll for my little brother too.  I don’t have that doll to show you, but it was every bit as intricate as the one you see here.  Mom was an artist with a crochet hook, and an accomplished seamstress as well.  You can see the care and detail she put into every piece of clothing.  The amazing thing is that she didn’t use patterns.  These are all created out of her mind.  Can you believe it? 

Mom made dolls for other members of the family too, and they have all been loved and cherished for many, many years.  They will be handed down through our family as heirlooms, for no amount of money could purchase these gems.

In addition to doll  my mother crocheted just about everything under the sun, including curtains, table cloths, doilies, bedspreads, afghans, sweaters, etc.  She made each thing with a level of skill and perfection that’s hard to imagine.  Sadly, she is no longer with us.  But she has left each and every one of us with a legacy of her artistic genius.   Thanks Mom!


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