Old to New


The Red Wicker Chair

Several years ago our friend, Emily, gave my daughter, Assunta, a lovely white wicker rocking chair for her bedroom.  Well, Assunta’s room is very small, so the wicker chair ended up in my bedroom, and it always had a pile of stuff on it.  Not very good treatment for a nice chair, huh.  So last week (I’ve been planning this for a while) Assunta and I took it and cleaned it up real well, then we painted it with several coats of cherry red spray paint.  I took the cushion, which had a white and pale pink print, and I made a new cushion cover for it.  Assunta and I both share a love of the color red.  Needles to say we’re both very happy with the outcome.

Saturday Assunta’s boyfriend, Adam, took the chair to her new apartment at school.   In her new place it should add a very welcome splash of color.  I can’t wait to see how it looks there. 

Anyway, this is proof that anyone can take something and make it exactly what you want just by changing a couple of things.  It was a very inexpensive project, which is another advantage for people who like to do-it-themselves!


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